Understanding Medical Catheters – Healthy Huntington

Understanding Medical Catheters – Healthy Huntington

Take urine out of the bladder with a drainage bag. This is the most popular form of catheter as well as one of the primary uses for them, however, there are other types of catheters, which serve various objectives.

If you have been through surgery to repair the bladder, bowel or urinary tract, catheters can be used most often. You can use them after any kind of urinary retention.

It is crucial that you are aware of the uses and purposes of a cath if you or someone close to your heart will need it. How to insert a catheter is explained by this short video. It is important to be familiar with the process in order to help get you or your loved one ready. Though it isn’t easy and anxiety-inducing at times the following videos are informative and should be able to help you calm down.

Remember that catheters are extremely common medical equipment, and insertion of them is a fairly routine procedure. If you have any questions, which you may be having, your physician or nurse can help. xv7tfpcg67.

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