A Guide on Shutter Installations – Home Town Colorado

A Guide on Shutter Installations – Home Town Colorado

her inside or outside the windows. The window can be used as a covers that block out undesirable light from the area. It gives the home added security and provides the privacy you desire.

Shutter installation should be carried by keeping this in mind. This blog offers useful info and advice for shutter installation.

Choose an Open Area

When shutters are delivered it is recommended to take them from the frame. Each frame or panel you receive must be inspected. It is essential to ensure that the frame or panel is in good condition and is free of any cracks, dents, etc. Each piece of equipment has a distinct tag that are affixed to the instruction manual for installation.

Drilling Frames and Panels

Before the frame is installed on the window, it should be properly assembled. It is important to ensure that both sides are equally spaced. Panel installation is easy once the panel has been secured.

Get rid of shutters

If your shutters have been replaced, you have to remove these before doing something else. This will allow you to assess the age of the shutters.

Placement and leveling of shutters

The shutters should be installed and leveled before they can be installed. It is important to leave no space and, if possible, use a level to ensure the shutter is straight.


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