The C19 C20 Power Cord and Its Purposes – Technology Radio

The C19 C20 Power Cord and Its Purposes – Technology Radio

The female connector is always an odd number, like C19 While the male connector is always an even number just like C20.

The extension cables for heavy duty are included within the C19 and C20 Power cords. It connects devices that have high output using the power connectors C19/C20. C19/C20 power cords are recommended for high-output devices. C19 C20 Power cord can be recommended for powering routers and servers. There are even options to power many high-output networking devices with this cord!

Its length of 6 feet gives a lot of flexibility when placing the devices near alternating current outlets. Its thick gauge manages the high power levels required for larger devices. This cord for power is great for connections that are larger.

The C19 connector has grown more popular with power distribution and servers because of its power capability. As a result, there are numerous places where you can purchase C19 C20 power cords. These power cords are internationally made so they can use anywhere using similar connectors. Get your C19 C20 power cable for your company today! pcsg6r2ot4.

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