What is Watershed Management Planning? – Blog Author

What is Watershed Management Planning? – Blog Author

It takes several years for water management plans such as the one in this video to be put into place and require the involvement of local stakeholders like local municipalities. The plans for water management consider the watershed as a whole and analyze all the characteristics of it.

A plan for managing watersheds typically is comprised of four elements: watershed evaluation, floodplain analysis assessment of surface water resources and enhancement options.

The assessment of the watershed involves gathering details and developing a diagram of its major features and its structure. The analysis of the floodplain is a process of analyzing different drainage scenarios. Surface water assessments look at the health of drinking water as well as surface water while monitoring for pollutants. The improvement alternative look at methods to reduce chances of flooding, and as well to improve the overall general health of the watershed. 59hn8zro11.

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