What Are Coax Cables Used For? – Discovery Videos

What Are Coax Cables Used For? – Discovery Videos

In your house You’ve probably used coax cables without knowing it. Keep reading to know more about coax cable, and also watch the video.

The jacket that protects the entire length of the cable. It comprises a jacket made of metal along with a wire core and a wrap around it. Since the cable is very thin it is essential to maintain its integrity. These cables are referred to as coaxial since they are connected to the same anaxis. The middle wire is responsible for sharing information between devices. There is a chance that you’ve screwed one in your Wi-Fi setup or in your cable box previously.

Ethernet cable is a alternative type of coax cable that has replaced their predecessors in the recent years. They have a similar function and appearance, however their construction is different. For information on coaxial cables call your electrician or talk to a person at your company’s cable department. They can explain how you use coaxial cables within your home. When you need new coaxial cables you can go to your local Hardware store that is branded. Ask the personnel for assistance.


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