Different Types of Home Insulation – Family Tree Websites

Different Types of Home Insulation – Family Tree Websites

A low air temperature inside the home. It keeps out hot air, and blocks from letting in cold. There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing an appropriate insulation. Let’s look at some home insulation choices.

This article will focus on closed cell foam first. It is one of the highest-end alternatives to insulation that you are able to purchase. It will cost more money and can be used to build the foundational walls in homes.

Another form of insulation used in homes is fiber glass insulation. Fiberglass insulation has been a popular type of insulation. The benefit of fiberglass insulation is that it creates an air barrier to the walls.

The next step is to look at open-cell foam as the ultimate kind of insulation. Because it functions as a barrier to vapors but it is not an air barrier. open-cell foam is very similar to closed cell.

Overall, there are many different types of home insulation. Each type of insulation has unique advantages, and they are suitable for different locations of your home.


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