The Ultimate Outdoor Checklist for House Maintenance – CharmsVille

The Ultimate Outdoor Checklist for House Maintenance – CharmsVille

know how essential your roof is to their homes. A roof not only protects your house, but keeps it warm. You should include a routine roof inspection in your house maintenance checklist. Roof inspection on your own or call a professional roofing contractor when you’re not comfortable getting on the roof.

In the course of a thorough inspection of your roof, there are several common problems that you should pay close attention. This includes the flashing on your roof and looking for cracks or rust in the caulk. If you want to make sure that the the shingles aren’t curving or blistering you must inspect them. It is also important to be on the lookout for missing or broken shingles. When inspecting the roof, make sure to examine the vent pipes to determine the presence of worn or cracked rubber boots. In looking over the roof, be sure to look for moss and lichen. These could be indicators of decay beneath the roofing shingles. Black algae stains are visible signs of decay underneath the shingles.

While your chimney is not legally part of the roof , when you’re looking at it, you should check at the top of the chimney to be certain it’s not missing or damaged.

Have your AC tested

You know the importance of air conditioning to provide you with comfort in hot weather. It is the same for your heating in the winter. Thus, you must ensure that the checklist for house maintenance includes regular inspection of the HVAC system. A few HVAC maintenance tasks you could perform yourself , for instance changing the filters. If you do not have the ability to replace filters, it is worth employing a professional to look over your HVAC system.

One of the points to look out for in an inspection is checking and replacing the filter. HVAC filters might require cleaning.


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