How Indoor Air Quality Effects Your Health – Life Cover Guide

How Indoor Air Quality Effects Your Health – Life Cover Guide

The ungs circulate through the airways known as the bronchi. The bronchi can be divided into tiny tubes known as bronchioles and end up in air sacs referred to as alveoli. Small blood vessels, also known as capillaries, line the alveoli.

The oxygen from air that you inhale is transported to your bloodstream through it’s passage through your trachea and capillaries. If the air contains any dangerous substances, these substances are also absorbed into your bloodstream.

Pollen, chemicals and other pollutants inhaled can result in serious health issues such as from tobacco smoke, pollen, pollution from cars and pet dust. If these particles get into your alveoli, they can affect the alveoli’s walls. This could cause health problems like lung disease or stroke as well as heart attacks.

The air you breathe can have a significant impact on the health of your family. To avoid things that release toxic chemicals, use windows to cook or using an exhaust fan, or simply open an opening to let air in. Also, you should dust your house regularly.


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