Is Home Window Tinting Right For You? – Home Decor Online

Is Home Window Tinting Right For You? – Home Decor Online

Discover more information about this investment to see the potential return.

Window film helps the performance of the tint once it’s been installed. It determines how long the film itself can last. Home window tints allow to block heat and provide the possibility of 70-80 percent energy rejection, depending on the solar film you select for your project. You have two options of reflective ceramics and conventional.

Standard reflective films reduce temperatures by significantly lower amount than a reflective ceramic film. Reflective has a performance advantage against even the darkest level of normal film. Although they’re more expensive, reflective tinting provides more performance for less. Reflective tints allow you to let more light into your home without needing to purchase dark tinted windows.

To get a deeper look into the benefits of tinting your windows at home and the different advantages it offers go to the video we linked above.


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