The Most Physically Demanding Trades That Require Employee Physical Fitness

The Most Physically Demanding Trades That Require Employee Physical Fitness

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Erosion Control

The control of seawalls is among the most physically demanding jobs that involves the construction and upkeep of structures to protect coastal areas from erosion-related damage. These structures can include seawalls, or jetties. These structures are generally constructed from steel, concrete or other durable materials. This job demands a significant degree of physical strength and endurance, as workers must haul heavy loads while working in challenging outdoors, and use machines that are heavy. In order to be effective working in this field, people should be in great physical condition and capable of take on the demands of the task.

Seawall erosion specialists must be able to demonstrate strong construction and engineering expertise. They should be able be able to read and interpret blueprints as well as sketches, and adhere to precise instructions and specifications. Good problem-solving skills are also essential, because seawall erosion control professionals may need to adapt to changing conditions or unexpected problems while on the job.


These are the most physical demanding jobs workers can perform. These jobs also demand good health. The jobs require the lifting and transport of heavy objects while working in an environment that is challenging working with heavy equipment, and require a high amount of physical strength as well as endurance. Employers must have the capacity to carry out the tasks and remain physically fit to be successful. Overall, physical fitness is an essential component of successful if you want to work on one of the physically demanding professions.


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