Drunk Criminal Goes Headfirst Into Door – United States Laws

Drunk Criminal Goes Headfirst Into Door – United States Laws


Poor decisions can be made when impaired. You must be conscious when you drink. In the video below it is evident that an intoxicated teenager take an unwise decision, which results in them being thrown head-first into a wall while trying to escape. After this mistake, he could be required to call bail bonds.

In the past, a 19-year young man tried to take the case of sparkling wine from the store. With the help of multiple security cameras, the entire incident was caught on camera. One in the store was the only camera evident, while the second was located outside. Camera inside captures the teenager with full bottle of bubbly wine from the shop to his door. The heavy boxes appear bulky and the youngster looks as though he may have already had too much to drink. Once he is at his doorway, he loses grasp of the boxes, which are thrown to the floor. The door opens slightly as the thief fell headfirst into the door. The man quickly recovers, and then grabs a glass of water as an offer of consolation. Employees of the store chase him out the door. The teenager later was found by the police, and detained.


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