Surveying a Marine Diesel Engine – Best Online Magazine

Surveying a Marine Diesel Engine – Best Online Magazine

A diesel engine needs certain work from your side. It’s crucial to conduct an extensive inspection of the engine to make certain that it operates properly and safely. This video will explain the fundamental principles of marine surveying, in order for you to be able assess any old or brand new boat you’re looking to purchase.

One of the first things to look up is your history with the company. There is no need to have your boat on in order to do this. Request the service history from the seller or owner to see if there are numerous repair reports. You’ll be able to avoid costly repairs if there is a lot.

External corrosion is the next aspect you need to look for. External corrosion is an additional thing you should look out for inside your engine bay. Corrosion is not only an eyesore – it can result in problems in what the engine does also. Examine the engine thoroughly using the aid of a flashlight in order to spot problem areas.

External leaks should be checked while your engine is running. Check hoses, after-heaters or water pumps. Look for stains and trace them to their origins. It is also necessary to conduct the sea test done to ensure sure the engine’s RPMs are adequate.

For additional information take a look at the video linked above.


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