10 Safe Car Driving Tips to Remember on the Road – Auto Trader California

10 Safe Car Driving Tips to Remember on the Road – Auto Trader California

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The following tips to drive safely can help you stay safe from distracted driving. That’s something every driver can appreciate!

3. Follow the Speed Limit

We all know that speeding can be dangerous. However, we have to admit often, we’ve all done it. It doesn’t matter if we’re delayed for an appointment or are trying to get to our destination a little faster, speeding is a temptation that’s difficult to avoid. Although, even if are only a few miles in excess of that speed limit we’re still the ones who put others and ourselves at risk.

The maximum speed in the country is 55 mph. the limit could be less in certain locations.

It is possible to be among the many contributing factors to the death of a person in an accident. The car you drive could end up in a junkyard along with other scrap cars. However, observing rules of speed is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay safe while driving.

4. Watch out for pedestrians

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedestrian gets injured each eight minutes and killed every two hours in the United States by a vehicle. These statistics are alarming, and they show just how vital it is to be careful when driving. Whether in a city or on a road that is rural one must be conscious of pedestrians. Here are some sensible auto driving rules to keep at hand:

Make sure you are vigilant at night and during bad weather. pedestrians can be difficult to spot when it’s raining. Be aware and slow down to slow down when you notice pedestrians crossing the street, regardless of whether there’s a crosswalk. Make room for pedestrians who are already crossing the street. Be patient. Do not honk, or rush pedestrians. While backing up, you must be aware of pedestrians, particularly little children.

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