How To Protect Your Miami Condo Business From Lawsuits – Miami Condos

How To Protect Your Miami Condo Business From Lawsuits – Miami Condos

Talk to a lawyer about the fair housing and anti-discrimination laws that apply to your particular area. This will help you avoid having to defend yourself against lawsuits for discrimination.
Keep a lawyer on hand to provide advice, so you don’t make poor choices that could negatively impact your standing.

Through these actions by following these steps, you will be able to build your protection against unneeded litigation and help protect your condominium firm.

What Services Must You Provide to Tenants?

As opposed to condominiums, condo associations don’t need to worry about fix issues within specific units. While some condo associations might declare that they’ll take charge of specific issues such as HVAC and plumbing, most cases these matters fall to the individual unit owners and not the condo association.

This doesn’t mean that, as a condo business owner, you can neglect your property and allow it to be in disrepair. To maintain safety, cleanliness and conformity with the code condominium associations are required to maintain their common areas as well and the exterior of their buildings.

This includes roofing repairs cleanup, landscaping and trash removal. Additionally, you will need take care to repair decaying or peeling paint or other hazards present in your property.


When it comes to knowing what you can do to shield your business from legal action, you must take into consideration the costs you could charge your tenants , without crossing into dangersome areas. Parking charges as well as HOA fees are common in condominiums . They can also help provide funding towards keeping your structure up to date as well as livable. However, a condominium in Miami was sued recently in 2019 over requiring tenants to pay a fee that is not refundable, ‘transfer fees in order to lease a unit. The condominium association was able to settle for 300,000. The reason for this is that Florida law does not allow the use of c 9m9omk3i65.

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