How Septic Tank Treatment Works – Home Efficiency Tips

How Septic Tank Treatment Works – Home Efficiency Tips

The video below explains how the system operates and what you can do to manage it.

Every thing that is thrown through your home’s drain gets deposited into your septic system and naturally separates into three layers. Microbes and Bacteria degrade any part of the solid waste. Lastly, all excess water is transferred to a second chamber via a pipe referred to as a baffle. Additional bacteria and microbes can later decompose the solid waste that remains. After the liquid waste has been was removed from the second chamber, the water is then released into the soil, and it is then filtrated. You can throw this process out for several reasons.

1.) Water use is excessive
1) To many chemical products in the toilet will kill natural bacteria

These issues can cause odor in the backflow area, as well as draining your lawn. If your system is experiencing problems, make sure you be professionally handled with a professional septic service or business. This is especially important if you have microbes or bacteria that have been eliminated. A healthy and well-maintained the septic tank can prevent unexpected surprises. gl6wvjqu5d.

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