What Makes a Great Tequila – Thursday Cooking

What Makes a Great Tequila – Thursday Cooking

All authentic Tequilas are made. Blue Agave is the first part of this process. This plant is native to the region in Mexico. It can take between 8-12 years to grow to maturity. In the beginning, it is usually picked by local farmers with machetes. The plant can then be transformed into the most well-known drink. The beverages that make Mezcali the Tequila bar FiDi would prefer.

What differentiates a quality tequila from a bad tequila. The most important thing is the quality of the tequila along with its added sugar. Mixtos are tequilas which contain a lot of sugar. The sugar is a deterrent to flavor. In the end, you need genuine tequila that is near-to-100% pure for its rich flavor. For authentic tequila, you can also taste the distinction in which region of the Tequila region it was grown. For example, the lowlands possess a mineral taste. However the highlands possess an exotic and citrus flavor for their Tequila. The main difference between great and bad tequila lies in the flavor.


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